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The Ghaqda Dilettanti Gimgha l-Kbira - Ghawdex, was founded in June 1997 by a group of gozitan enthusiasts, who were fond of the easter traditions in the Maltese islands. Its purpose was to promote Lent, Holy Week and the Easter traditions in Malta and Gozo.

Its first meeting was held at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church in Xlendi, Gozo, the same place where the society organized its first activities. In that particular meeting the society's logo was chosen. This particular logo was designed by Mr. Frankie Cassar. On the 14 th September, 1997 (feast of the holy cross) the Ghaqda Dilettanti Gimgha l-Kbira, organized its first exhibition. This consisted in works of art concerning the passion and resurection of our lord Jesus Christ. From then on, the society organized an annual traditional exhibition, during the second week of lent at the exhibition hall in the Ministry for Gozo. Nowadays one can assume that this exhibition can be called "The Annual Traditional Holy Week and Easter Exhibition."

Risen Christ
In 1999, the Ghaqda Dilettanti Gimgha l-Kbira, produced its first theatrical production. This was the passion play of our lord Jesus Christ. This passion play was held at the Don Bosco Theatre of Victoria. In the year 2000, our society, in conjunction with Don Bosco's Oratory and the Victoria Local Council staged a special passion play, outside the very walls of a normal theatre. Located in the oldest part of the city, L-Imsallab fi Triqatna as this passion play was named, was the biggest street theatre experiment in the Maltese Islands. The passion in the streets of Victoria was again performed in the years 2001, 2002, and 2003.

This year, (2004), the Ghaqda Dilettanti Gimgha l-Kbira - Ghawdex, for the first time organized an Easter Festival, during Lent, Holy Week and Easter. This festival was composed of a number of activities concerning the artistic and folkloristic culture of this particular season in our islands. The Easter festival is going to be organized yearly .

First Activity (14/9/97)

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Ghaqda Dilettanti Gimgha l-Kbira - Ghawdex


George J. Cassar - Chairman

Frank Cassar - Vice Chairman

Gordon Barbara - Secretary

Antonio Portelli - Vice Secretary

George Farrugia - Treasurer

Rev. Michael Said - Chaplain

Charles Camilleri, Joe Camilleri, Joe Cutajar Zahra, Eric Grech, Anthony Said, Carmel Tabone - Members

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